Jewelry With A Smile
"Life is always full of challenges and it is my hope that this jewelry collection will remind you every day that a smile is worth millions. My Jewelry collection will add a smile to your face."

World's Most Beautiful Designs
"Crafting the world's most beautiful designs is a passion of mine. I am a second generation master artisan intent on expanding the boundaries of the art."

My Philosophy
My philosophy and goal is to offer you the best possible price while giving you convenient access to my website at the same time. I believe that the process of buying jewelry should be as painless as possible. This is why my business model is manufacturer direct. I cut out the middlemen: the wholesalers, dealers, agents, salesmen, and suppliers, and work directly with you.
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By cutting out all the unnecessary channels, I can offer quality products at lower costs. And lower prices to you means better prices for your customers, resulting in more sales and higher profit margins. I know how important it is to stay in touch with my customers. Too often, manufacturers become so removed from the process that they lose touch of what their clients and their customers want and need. I refuse to do that. By working directly with retailers, I stay connected to the market place. This allows me to develop new products in order to meet the demands of the industry.

Remember: In these tough economic times manufacturers face the same problems and struggles as your business does. That's why I aim to keep my prices low so that you can sell to your clients for less. Other manufacturers spend money on expensive showrooms, salesmen, commissions, conventions and more, forcing them to raise their prices to cover their costs. At ID-Jewelry, we have created an easy website to showcase our inventory at a lower running cost, allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

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